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ACROVYN’s product line, a pioneer in its field, protects corridors, waiting rooms and lobbies that face the constant risk of damage from mobile forces such as stretchers, carts or furniture.  Installed at appropriate heights to maximize efficiency, Acrovyn’s products offer a full range of protection with a variety of models and a wide color range.

Incorporating wall protection products besides architectural requirements contributes in the reduction of maintenancecostsand minimizes the need for wall renovation. Acrovyn brand has become synonymous with effective wall protection, which is characterized by excellent durability, high health standards and perfect aesthetic results. Acrovyn products are suitable for various parts of buildings used by general public, including health care facilities (hospitals, clinics, retirement homes, treatment rooms etc), education facilities, transport stations (airports, railway stations etc), hotels, shopping centers, fitness and recreation areas.

For an efficient wall protection system the following features should be defined:

  • The required application height for the corner guards and the wall/door covering
  • The positioning of necessary bumper guards related to the type and sizes of wheel equipment (wheel stretchers, wheel chairs etc)
  • Mobility support requirement in pedestrian access areas
  • Aesthetic demands for every space

Based on the above ACROVYN range includes:

Wall protection by profiles (bumper guards, handrails, combined bumper guards/handrails and corner guards), as well as door sheet and wall protection cladding.

All the above, are offered in a very wide range of available colors, which fill all the possible architectural/aesthetic demands, while fulfilling the strictest European fireproof standards.



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