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Our aim and vision is the continuous improvement of living conditions in spaces where people are living, working, learning or receiving health care.

Our product range includes sustainable and bioclimatic materials, internal architectural products, as well as fire resistant products with a common aim to improve health and safety standards inside the building, as well as to create significant savings in the building’s maintenance and energy consumption.

Our company has been exclusively distributing since 1988 CS France products in Greece. Construction Specialties Group (CS GROUP) was established 70 years ago in the USA and is operating through 25 international offices, as well as factories or sale points in most of the European countries and employing more than 2.000 people.

Our product range includes wall protection systems, entrance mats, wall and floor coverings, expansion joint covers, shade systems for the façade of the buildings, as well as fire resistant materials to hinder the adverse effects in cases of fire.

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