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The AIRFOILrange offers a solution to protect the building from direct sunlight, thereby reducing the heat inside the building. It is a passive and efficient method, which regulates the temperature inside the buildings thanks to the installation of aluminum blinds on the facades offering bioclimatic characteristics to the building.

The application is flexible due to the possibility of horizontal or vertical orientation and the inclination of the blinds whenfixed to the facade. Combined with materials such as glass, stone or metal, the Airfoil blinds highlight the architectural appearance of the building, offering a unique design. Airfoil shading blinds can be delivered in any RAL color or any anodizing finish selected.

The range is complemented by the AIRFOIL Lux system, which includes architectural lighting on the facades, as well as AIRFOIL Soundproofing with perforated blades that reduce noise pollution inside the building, especially in crowded urban city centers.

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