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SOLECO doors designed to cover most commercial applications, are offered with metal frames in various types and materials, as follows:

  • Galvanized steel 1.5mm thick painted with SOLECO QUALICOAT system in RAL colors
  • Stainless steel 1.2mm thick
  • Aluminium painted in RAL colors

The frame system includes various types of stainless-steel hinges, as well as all required accessories such as door handles, door protection from impacts, system to avoid accidents in trapping fingers (PIVOTECK) and special antibacterial paints.

Patented Knock-Down door adjustable system for the easy installation of the doors in combination with telescoping split frames ensure easy, fast and perfect installation.

The FORMICA wooden HPL pressed door panels are available in 22 different colors, combined fireproof and acoustic properties with modern aesthetics. The panels are offered in various sizes and shapes to meet all customer’s requirements. The panels are:

  • Waterproof doors with waterproof MDF and solid compact edge are offered for extra humidity resistance.
  • Sound proof doors with sound isolation filler (30DB/32DB/42DB).
  • Fire resistance doors in various categories (Ei 30/45/60)
  • Doors with special requirementse radiation, protection with incorporation of a lead sheet, automatic sliding, as well as airtight applications for clean rooms
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