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Wooden acoustic panels for walls and ceilings, with an excellent sound absorption for public and private spaces, auditoriums, theaters, hotels, offices etc.

Slotted acoustic panels (D+ system)
Slotted acoustic panels provided in modular slats that meet certain technical and aesthetic features related to sound absorption and excellent installation efficiency.

Perforated acoustic panels (PAP system)
Perforated acoustic panels in various formats and hole dimensions to satisfy required acoustical properties for walls and dropped ceilings.

Grooved acoustic panels (PAR System)
Grooved acoustic panels with slotted in different designs and dimensions to provide required acoustical properties for walls and dropped ceilings.

Microperforated acoustic wood panel
Microperforated wood panels offer a high degree of sound absorption and a wide range of decorative finishes. The surface of these panels is covered with almost invisible tiny microperforations (with 0.5mm. every 2.7mm. and 137,000 holes per square meter) that trap the noise and reduce sound reverberation public spaces, offices, and auditoriums.

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